Qld's Cube Globe entering world stage

The Queensland Cube Globe, a world-first interactive and cinematic display of spatial data visualisations, will be officially launched to a world audience including many of the movers and shakers attending the G20 Leaders Summit in Brisbane during November 15-16.

Delegates will be able to take a virtual journey into the heart of Queensland, access up-to-date information on trade and investment opportunities and learn about Queensland’s economic advantages and business achievements. Additionally, they can visualise geospatial data of their choice to see how Queensland interacts with their own and other countries in specific areas such as investment, trade, tourism, resources, science and innovation, agriculture, construction and education and training.

Queensland Cube Globe


“The Cube Globe creates a portal that anyone - governments, business organisations and companies, researchers and even members of the public - can use to do their own analytics and create visualisations of their own data on a scale not replicated anywhere in the world,” says Gavin Winter, he is the project leader at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). The development of the Cube Globe has been led by the Qld Government and QUT facilitated by the CRCSI.

Dr. Tim Foresman, SIBA Chair of Spatial Information at QUT, says the Cube Globe is a model for sharing and displaying information for national governance and citizenship. He also stressed that the Cube Globe was not simply a tool for the use of government, large organisations and research groups. There was a definite and important place for people participation and data they collected.

Resource: http://dev.effectalmedia.com/crc/edition-44/#featureStory