By-Law 4 – ISDE Symposia and Summits (Statute 5)

4.1  Bidding and Selection Process

Any organization or group may apply to the Secretariat to host a Symposium or Summit. The procedures to be followed in selecting the Host organization for an event are:

a)    The Secretariat will issue a call for proposals to host an ISDE event, at least two years in advance of the planned event.

b)    Following the closing date for applications, the Secretariat will send all completed proposals to the members of the Symposia and Summits Committee for their consideration, and after being considered, they should then be presented to the next Council Meeting for a decision. 

c)    The Secretariat, on behalf of the Symposia and Summits Committee, may invite the applicants to make presentations on their proposals to the Council. 

d)    The Host organization or institution will sign a contract with the ISDE with a commitment to deliver the Symposium or Summit under the Terms of Reference that have been agreed between the parties.

4.2  Preparation of Bids

Proponents for Symposia or Summits will prepare their bids in accord with the Guidelines for Potential Hosts Bidding for Digital Earth Symposia or the Guidelines for Potential Hosts Bidding for Digital Earth Summits, as appropriate.

Information which shall be included in any proposal to host an ISDE Symposium or Summit must include:

a)    The name of the Host Institution organization, the name(s) of Chair(s) of the Organizing Committee with up-to-date contact information, a list of all Committee Members and their individual experience in hosting international events. 

b)    The proposed date and location(s), other dates available, as well as dates which are not available.

c)    A detailed outline of the past experience of the Host Institution in organizing international events and conferences, including names and contact information from previous events.

d)    Complete information on the event location(s), complete description of the facilities available for the meeting, accommodation availability, distances to the venue, transportation and costs to and from airport(s), and ground transportation to the venue, Hotel rate ranges and star ratings, as well as other possible accommodations in the vicinity of the venue.  A copy of the insurance policy and coverage for the facility shall be provided, along with information, as appropriate, on any special measures for safety and security seen as appropriate. 

e)    A complete time-line and schedule for all announcements, advertising and promotion to be developed and distributed, by whatever means, in preparation for the event, including all associated costs.

f)     A description of tourist attractions and facilities or entertainment that might be of interest to delegates and others attending the meeting, for before and after the event.

g)    A full description of the overall scope of the meeting, including any other associated conferences that may be held in conjunction with the ISDE meeting, and the expected or estimated number of attendees under all options identified.

h)    A complete Budget proposal, including base facility costs, management or coordination charges and overhead, advertising, publication and promotion, printing and distribution, salaries and commissions, set-up and equipment rental charges, take-down and transportation charges, refreshment availability and costs, etc. 

i)      On the revenue side, the Budget must include actual or potential revenue from all sources, including: registration fees, exhibitor charges, advertising returns, sponsorship fees, governmental contributions from all levels, offsetting or in-kind contributions, as well as all other sources of actual or potential revenue.  Any Symposium, Workshop, Summit or other events under the auspices ISDE shall submit 10 percent (10%) of the revenue of the event to the ISDE Secretariat to support its on-going operations and activities.

j)      To indicate to participants where can they find all the necessary regulations to obtain an entry visa into the country hosting the ISDE event.

k)    To mention the type of assistance that the host-organizer will provide to participants that required an entry visa: official invitation letter, etc.

l)      When possible, reduced fees will be offered to early career researchers and students as a means for encouraging their attendance.