WG3- Digital Earth Governance and Ethics


Massimo Craglia (European Commission JRC, massimo.craglia@ec.europa.eu)

Others to be welcomed.


1. Scope

The scope of the WG is to explore different perspective on AI ethics, and on data governance models and consider how ISDE can help consolidate these perspectives, build bridges, and add value.


2. Objectives and Methodology

The overall objective of this WG is to strengthen the ISDE’s role as a non-partisan forum in which different perspectives on data governance and AI ethics can be compared and discussed, and best practices and lessons learned can be shared.

The aims are:

(1) To develop a dynamic typology of data governance models and of foundational AI ethics principles.

(2) To analyse how such principles and models are operationalized.

(3) To collect best practices and lessons learned in the practical implementation of data governance models and AI ethics principles in the face of constant technological and societal change.

The methodology is of qualitative participative studies exploring an X-y-space comprising on the X-axis different geographical and institutional/geopolitical perspectives from Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Europe, and on the Y-axis the stakeholders’ perspectives from government, industry, academia, and civil society including Non-governmental organisations and the voluntary sector.


3. On-going and Planned Activities

WG3 is planning two (probably virtual) workshops:

(1) ISDE Workshop on Digital Governance will be held in June 2021 (date to be confirmed)

The workshop will focus on models of data sharing between government, citizens and business but also on examples of innovative public services and governance relationships in different parts of the world using the digital transformation, including artificial intelligence, digital twins, and the use of synthetic population to target policy intervention without the use of personal data.

(2) ISDE workshop on AI ethics will be held in October 2021 (date to be confirmed)

This workshop will explore the different perspective among the many AI ethics principles and guidelines that have been developed across the world in recent years by governments, industry international organisations and academia. The key aim will be identify points of convergence and difference and consider how ISDE can help consolidate these perspectives, build bridges, and add value.


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