About ISDE Working Groups

Within the International Society for Digital Earth (ISDE), for selected thematic, the relevant scientific and technical work of ISDE is to be strengthened through the ISDE Working Groups (WG).  Each ISDE WG will define its own internal organization and is co-chaired by leading scientists joined with expert members who are interested in further advancing the relevant work. Each of the ISDE WG has its own working scope and objectives with methodologies to achieve them. These groups also design WG long-term or short-term plans in order to implement the aims of the associated working group. It is desired that from time to time the ISDE WG organizes a dedicated workshop and/or has a dedicated Session at an ISDE event.

The concept of ISDE WG is open to everyone in a non-exclusive manner; cultural diversity, gender equality, and a good balanced worldwide representation is encouraged. Any person wishing to join a particular ISDE WG shall submit an application form to the WG co-chair(s) with copy to the ISDE Secretariat (isde@radi.ac.cn). Please find the ISDE Working Group Application Form below.

ISDE Working Group Application Form.docx