WG2- Industry Engagement for Digital Earth 


Barbara Ryan (World Geospatial Industry Council, barbara.ryan@wgicouncil.org)
Cheryl Desha (Griffith University, c.desha@griffith.edu.au)

1. Scope

Geospatial Infrastructure serves as the foundation layer of a data eco-system that forms the broad contours of ‘Digital Earth’ - a platform comprising data eco-systems that represent almost every walk of life in our Digital Age.

Building on programs and initiatives regarding open data worldwide, which facilitated enrichment of the Digital Earth platform, advancements in fourth-industrial-revolution (4IR / Industry 4.0) technologies like Big Data, AI, and IOT has made it possible to process, integrate and derive actionable intelligence in almost real-time mode.

Furthermore, the commoditization of technology and commercialization of data to deliver knowledge services in the market place has encouraged industry to play a pivotal role in Digital Earth, adding host of thematic data especially focusing on applications and solutions across governance, business enterprises, and citizen services.

Within this context, the role of industry is crucial – now more than ever – for the Digital Earth agenda. The role and relevance of geospatial infrastructure and data eco-systems is likely to continue gaining momentum. It is imperative to build and strengthen engagement and partnerships with industry, to continue to pursue a comprehensive and real-time Digital Earth platform.

2. Objectives

This WG2 has the following objectives towards pursuing progress in the Digital Earth platform:

(1) To develop and strengthen ISDE engagement with key representatives of the Geospatial Industry

(2) To identify and pursue strategic and impactful areas of collaboration between ISDE and the Geospatial Industry

(3) To facilitate participation of the Geospatial Industry in programs and activities of ISDE, and vice versa

(4) To define models of public-private partnerships for future Digital Earth initiatives


3. On-going and Planned Activities

(1) Constitute a high-level working group comprising of representatives of industry eco-system

(2) Facilitate MoUs between ISDE and key industry associations and trade bodies

(3) Organize round tables to socialize and facilitate exchange of ideas and strengthen engagement

(4) Publish a white paper presenting an overview of role of industry in Digital Earth

(5) Support the participation of industry in events and research projects of ISDE


ISDE12 will provide a key opportunity to engage with industry partners. Other relevant events will be identified through reviewing the geospatial world calendar of events, and seeking the ISDE Council and other Working Group chair preferences on affiliation and involvement.