Our Mission

To benefit society by promoting the development and realization of Digital Earth


2012 Digital Earth Summit

This  4th bi-annual Digital Earth Summit was held in Wellington, New Zealand  from 2 to 4 September, which is one of the series of summit organized by  the International Society for Digital Earth (ISDE) in 2012. The summit  with theme “Digital Earth and Technology” was co-hosted by Wellington  City Council and Land Information New Zealand. The three work streams in  terms of the Digital environment, Resilient cities and Growing up  digital have been carried out. There are 15 keynote speeches and 75  presentations, attracting around 200 delegates from more than 20  countries.


A  Maori welcome party started the opening ceremony. The executive  committee member of the ISDE received a Maori traditional reception.  ISDE president Prof. John Richards and Mayor of Wellington City Ms.  Celia Wade-Brown gave their summit opening remarks. In the Mayor’s  speech Digital Earth technologies are expected to facilitate Wellington  to build a creative digital capital.

"Platial  Technology such as place-base GIS rather than co-ordinate-GIS will be  one of the key Digital Earth drivers.” keynote speech by Dr. Peter  Woodgate, Executive Committee member of the ISDE and CEO of the Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information, Australia. John  Richards gave a presentation entitled “Knowledge propagation in the  Digital Earth Framework”, which illustrated the Digital Earth framework  of transforming and developing knowledge theoretically and technically.  “Digital Earth can take advantages of its fast developing technologies  to participant in the Future Earth, a 10-year international research  initiative of the International Council for Science (ICSU) and other  international organizations”. Said by Prof. GUO Huadong, Secretariat  General of the ISDE in his keynote speech of “Digital Earth for Future  Earth”. In the afternoon panel sessions of the 3 days, hot discussions  were made on Digital environment, Resilient cities and Growing up  digital, with youth engagement to present their views on digital earth  technologies and their future development. At the closing ceremony,  Prof. GUO Huadong made remarks for the success of Digital Earth summit  in Wellington, and handed over the flag of Digital Earth Summit to next  hosting country, Japan.  

On  1 September, the 7th Executive Committee meeting of the ISDE, having 13  EC members participating, discussed the modification of changes of  statutes and bylaws, Aims & Scope of the International Journal of  Digital Earth, following steps to implement Digital Earth Vision 2020,  the preparation report of the 8th International Symposium of Digital  Earth and the application of hosting the 5th Digital Earth summit in  Nagoya, Japan in 2014.  

7th Executive Committee Meeting of the ISDE

Back  to August 2006, the first Digital Earth Summit was convened in New  Zealand with theme “Digital Earth Summit on Sustainability”. At that  summit we saw how digital tools and information to inform sustainable  development. Former Prime Minister Helen Clark, pointed out that the  government, universities, industry, and citizen groups are acutely aware  of the looming threats to their quality of life from global climate  change, decreasing biodiversity, dependence upon a fossil-fuel economy,  and the myriad impacts of these dynamics on social harmony and quality  of life at that summit. Six years later, the deployment of technology  and bold new digital earth vision in the face of problems of the earth  has truly changed the way we look at the earth and yielded many  benefits. The 2012 Digital Earth Summit continues to unfold an  international Digital Earth platform to bear in advancing humanitarian  efforts and social development, to scale up programmers and drive  innovations and to establish international collaborations for creating  the future of Digital Earth worldwide.