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ISDE Workshop on Data Governance and AI Ethics


(Part of attendees to the ISDE Workshop on Data Governance and AI Ethics)

The ISDE Workshop on Data Governance and AI Ethics was successfully organized by the ISDE Working Group on Digital Earth Data Governance and AI Ethics during 29 Sept. to 1 Oct. 2021. The aim of the workshop was to highlight some of the key similarities and differences in perspectives from different groups of stakeholders (government, industry, academia and civil society) and different parts of the world on two key related topics: data governance and AI ethics, which are at the forefront of the current digital transformation of society.


Co-chaired by Dr. Massimo Craglia and Prof. Yola Georgiadou, the workshop was attended by 25 participants from government, academia, industry and the voluntary sector coming from Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Europe. 


The workshop confirmed that data governance and AI ethics are strongly interrelated. In the same way as the development of AI is strongly related to that of the availability and quality of the data that underpins it, so the ethical development of AI rests on the ethical governance of data and the algorithms to process them.

The key issues addressed in the workshops were summarized and next steps for the ISDE to develop these issues further were identified. For more details, please see

ISDE Workshop on Data Governance and AI Ethics_ Key Issues (final).pdf