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To benefit society by promoting the development and realization of Digital Earth


ISC President and CEO Visited ISDE Secretariat

On October 10, 2023, a distinguished high-level delegation from the International Science Council (ISC), headed by Sir Peter Gluckman, ISC President, and Dr. Salvatore Aricò, ISC Chief Executive Officer, visited the International Research Center of Big Data for Sustainable Development Goals (CBAS) and the Secretariat of the International Society for Digital Earth (ISDE). The ISC delegation were warmly welcomed and accompanied by Prof. Huadong Guo, ISDE Honorary President, and Dr. Changlin Wang, ISDE Secretary General.

During their visit to the ISDE Secretariat, the ISC delegation were briefed on the work and accomplishments of ISDE. Dr. Zhen Liu, ISDE Executive Director, presented a comprehensive overview of the society’s roadmap and highlighted its notable accomplishments over the past two decades in the subsequent discussion session. Special attention was given to the significant strides made by ISDE since it became an affiliated member of ISC in 2017. Sir Peter Gluckman expressed his appreciation for ISDE’s remarkable contributions to ISC and the global scientific community as a whole. As one of the leading organisations in the geospatial societies, ISDE is unwaveringly committed to answering the ISC’s call for amplifying the voice of science across the globe.


ISC delegation, ISDE Honorary President Prof. Huadong Guo and other ISDE representatives

From October 4 to 6, 2023, ISDE delegation were invited to participate in the Global Knowledge Dialogue (GKD) for Asia and the Pacific 2023, held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Prof. Huadong Guo, ISDE Honorary President, was invited to deliver a keynote speech at the GKD 2023 plenary session. ISDE delegates joined in the Young Academies and Associations Round Table on October 5, engaging in in-depth discussions on the challenges and solutions for the development of global youth academies and associations. On October 6, they attended the full schedule of the meeting, involved in fruitful exchanges and learning about the ISC’s strategic goals in the Asia-Pacific region and the contributions made by relevant institutions to promote global knowledge dialogue, and enhancing the collaborations with other ISC member organizations.

1697093058302800.jpgProf. Huadong Guo made a keynote at GKD 2023

The Global Knowledge Dialogue (GKD), an initiative by the International Science Council in collaboration with the Academy of Sciences Malaysia and the Australian Academy of Science, serves to strengthen the voice of science in the Asia and the Pacific Region and work towards developing the actionable pathways that advance science as a global public good. More than 140 Member representatives from 30 countries attended the dialogue.

1697093121358595.pngISC Secretariat Representatives and ISDE delegates

Click the link here http://www.digitalearth-isde.org/show-48-283-1.html for the detailed report on the Global Knowledge Dialogue (GKD) for Asia and the Pacific 2023.