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ISDE Selected for GEO Programme Board Member

At the Group on Earth Observation (GEO) plenary of GEO Week on the 9th November 2023 in Cape Twon, South Africa, it was announced that the International Society for Digital Earth (ISDE) was selected for GEO Programme Board Member from 2024 to 2026. This is the second time for ISDE being selected for GEO Programme Board member after its first term in GEO’s first Programme Board from 2016 to 2018. There are 7 GEO Members and 7 Participating Organizations have been selected into the Programme Board. ISDE is one of the Participating Organizations.


Approved in 2015, the GEO Programme Board was established as part of the development of the GEO Strategic Plan 2016-2025. The Programme Board is a key component of the governance structure of GEO. Its primary function is to oversee the development and implementation of the GEO Work Programme and to work to align proposed activities with GEO priorities and committed resources. The 32 seats in maximum on the Programme Board are assigned to GEO Members and Participating Organizations. Terms of Programme Board members are for three years.


As one of GEO’s Participating Organizations since 2009, ISDE have been always supporting GEO’s vision and mission and playing active roles in its action plans. ISDE delegates, Changlin Wang, the Secretary-General of ISDE, and Zhen Liu, the Executive Director of ISDE, attended the GEO Week 2023 Ministerial Summit from 6 to 10 November, in Cape Town, South Africa. The theme of the GEO week is #TheEarthTalks. With the understanding that the planet must have a lot to say about the things regarding climate, biodiversity, and air quality, it is time to shape our future and respond to the Earth’s calls for action.


GEO is an intergovernmental partnership working to improve the availability, access and use of open Earth observations, including satellite imagery, remote sensing and in situ data, to impact policy and decision making in a wide range of sectors. GEO currently has 115 Members, 152 Participating Organisations and 19 Associates.