ISDE7 Proceedings

The 7th International Symposium on Digital Earth (ISDE7) was held in Perth, Western Australia on 23-25 August 2011, and brought together over 800 delegates from 21 countries, and over 100 speakers from China, Europe, the United States, Japan, Brazil, Iran, Korea, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand for a global view of digital earth technology in action

The papers presented at the conference highlighted the huge variety of applications for digital earth technology now available; and described how the digital earth has underpinned major international projects and events, including the Three Gorges Dam project and the response to the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster.

Update 23.3.12: The published 'in proceedings' document containing the peer reviewed papers is now available. Papers that were submitted for peer review are available below.

ISDE7 Peer Reviewed Papers
Proceedings of the 7th International Symposium on Digital Earth (ISDE7) held in Perth, Western Australia, 23 August – 25 August 2011
Bandrova, Temenoujka
Multifunctional Cartographic Application of 3D Model of Mountain Territory
Bao, Nisha
Comparison of Relative Radiometric Normalisation Methods Using Pseudo Invariant Features and SPOT Imagery
Bishop, Kylie
Spatial Analysis Drives Strategic Investment in the Stokes Inlet Catchment
Boruff, Bryan and Nathan, Andrea
Where, How Far, and at What Speed? The Use of Geospatial Technologies in Measuring and Characterizing Physical Activity in Behavioural Health Research
Chen, Min
On the Virtual Moon Framework and the Virtualization Technology of Chang'e-1 Lunar Satellite Data
Coller, Matthew
Temporal Earth: Visualising World History at all Timescales
Dorrian, Chris
Streamlining Aboriginal Heritage Applications, Assessments, Approvals and Compliance Processes
Fraser, Clive
Performance of DEM Generation Technologies in Coastal Environments
Janosec, Josef
What's New in the Crisis Management of the Czech Republic
Kubicek, Petr
Prototyping the Visualization of Geographic and Sensor Data for Agriculture
Lehmann, Eric
Combined Analysis of Optical and SAR Remote Sensing Data for Forest Mapping and Monitoring
McDougall, Kevin
Understanding the Impact of Volunteered Geographic Information During the Queensland Floods
Morel-EdnieBrown, Felicity
Fresh Eyes to Old Problems: Extending the Digital Realm Through Interdisciplinary and Community Cooperation
Mulalu, Mulalu
PGIS Supported Knowledge Based Participation and Evidences of Empowered Community Members
Ng, Chee
Positional Accuracy Improvement: A Solution Using MapRite to Realign Department of Planning’s Datasets to the Western Australia’s Spatial Cadastral Database
Purvis, Kathe
Total Resource Management: Crossing Lines Between Natural Resources and Agricultural Production
Rybansky, Marian
Model of Searching for Optimal Vehicle Route Among Obstacles Using GIS Data
Scarmana, Gabriel
Image Reconstruction in the Contour Domain
Sheth, Falak
Creating a Marine Habitat Geoexploratorium using Digital Globe Technologies
Tucker (Wilson), Deanna
Classification and Use of Landform Information to Increase the Accuracy of Land Condition Monitoring in Western Australian Pastoral Rangelands
van Dongen, Ricky
Vegetation Monitoring of Lake Toolibin Using Landsat Satellite Imagery: Analysis and Implementation
Wang, Xinyuan
On Geographical Thought and Research Methods Based on Digital Earth
West, Geoff
Dynamic Visualisation of Tourism Impact in the Ningaloo Region
Wu, Xiaoying
An Architecture for Managing Schema Evolution in a Federated Spatial Database System
Xie, Mowen
Three-dimensional Laser Scanner to Detect Large Reservoir Landslide Displacement
Zdunic, Katherine
Landsat Vegetation Trends and Land Management – Geographically Identifying the Effects of Livestock Numbers on Vegetation in Dirk Hartog Island
Zhang, Feng
Research and Realization of Visual Digital Ocean System