Perspectives on the nature of GI

Perspectives on the nature of geospatial information

Professor ( Em.) Dr.J.L.van Genderen from Faculty of Geoinformation Science and Earth Observation (ITC), the ISDE life member, acts as a Guest Editor for the special issue “Perspectives on the nature of geospatial information”, which show the wide range of different perspectives, approaches to, and applications of geospatial information.

“Since the introduction of remote sensing in the 1960s, of GIS in the 1970s, followed by GPS, and geospatial information technology, such technologies now permeate in all aspects of people’s daily lives. The advent of smartphones, social media, the cloud computing, big data, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and automation, virtual reality, and several others have enabled many location-based services and other geospatial services to be used in construction, industry, commerce, agriculture, defense and security, disaster management, agriculture as well as many other application areas. “” wrote in his editorial.

13 papers are included, representing major contributions of the leading geospatial information science practitioners and organizations that have shaped this geospatial information field, on policy, (GEO, UNGGIM, CRCSI from Australia, INSPIRE from Europe), technology (China, USA), standards (OGC) education (ISPRS and Africa), industry (HEXAGON), applications, (India and Malaysia, etc.), science(USA), commercial aspects (China), etc.

He is welcoming all to read these OPEN ACCESS papers at: