Result of the 3rd Video competition

Announcement of the Result of the 3rd ISDE Video competition

International Society for Digital Earth


The Video competition, organized by Young Scientist and Education Committee of the International Society for Digital Earth (ISDE), aims to create awareness among the young scientist, researcher, and students about the vision and objectives of the International Society for Digital Earth. Using the fabulous creative of the young people ISDE wants to illustrate the objectives of ISDE through the vision of the young generation. We hope that this will be a starting point so that young researchers enter into the multiple fields of Digital Earth and jointly assist us in making Digital Earth a reality.

Now approved by the ISDE council, ISDE is pleased to announce that Maria Zakharova (Russia) has got the 1st place of the video competition.

And Maria Zakharova told  I study the law and mechanisms of public administration in the present era of transformation of our world, so the desire to see the scientific foundations of the changes and understand how they will change the area of my professional activity in the near future seems natural. In my work, I tried to indicate my interest in one of the problems - the introduction of the principles of the Digital Earth into the mechanisms of governance, legislation, and clerical work. In my work on 3D documents, I relied on the work of my academic supervisor, Professor Yu.B. Baturin. I can express confidence that the Digital Earth and neogeography, their development and outreach will remain in my focus. The Digital Earth for me is no longer geography and cartography, it is something more - a new world view, a new philosophy of sustainable development of humanity.  "  Congratulations to her.

All the qualified videos are uploaded online at youtube.

The ISDE secretariat would like to thank all the participants to this video competition. Special thanks also go to the ISDE Young Scientist and Education Committee (Chaired by Prof. Temenoujka Bandrova) and the jury members for their dedication to this successful activity.