2016 Digital Earth Summit

Digital Earth is a global initiative aimed at harnessing the world’s data and information resources to quantitatively describe and represent our planet, and to monitor, measure and forecast natural and human activities on Earth. Today, a wave of big data has emerged. The advent of the big data era is injecting a new impetus for the study of Digital Earth, whilst providing new opportunities and challenges for understanding and promoting the concept.

“In Big Data New Era, Digital Earth should stitch together the huge, valuable Geo-data resources increasingly available to us, and perform simulation in real-time of interactions among all Earth system processes in all spheres with respect to physical, biological and social science elements”, said Prof. Guo Huadong in his keynote speech during the 6th Digital Earth Summit, “Digital Earth should also integrate massive, multi-spatial, multi-temporal, multi-resolution, and multi-typed Earth observation and socioeconomic data as well as analysis algorithms and models, fully encompassing the properties of big data”.

The summit keynote presentations and speakers are:  “Digital Earth and new data source: what is changing”, presented by Dr. Annoni Alessandro from Joint Research Centre of the European Commission and also other topics related with Digital Earth discussed by Dr. Schreier Gunter from German Aerospace Center, Prof.. Li Deren from Wuhan University, Dr. Foresman Tim from Australian Queensland University of Technology, Prof. Boulton Geoffrey from Codata, and Dr. Taylor Trevor from Open Geospatial Consortium.

The 6th Digital Earth Summit, hosted by the International Society for Digital Earth (ISDE), was held in Beijing, China from July 7th to 8th,2016, under the theme of “Digital Earth in the Era of Big Data”. About 300 delegates of scientists, engineers, technologists, and scholars from 30 countries attended the Summit. The Summit covers 17 scientific sessions and 197 high quality papers with topics ranging from Digital Earth Theory and Technology, Earth Observation, Digital Earth and Citizen Well-Being, Digital Earth Education and Outreach. The summit was organized together with the celebration of  10th Anniversary of ISDE. ISDE presented awards to Digital Earth scientists and experts in the awarding ceremony on the 7th, e.g. Fellow, Special Contribution Awards, S&T Award, Service Award, Conference Organizing Award, and Honorable Member.


Link: http://digitalearth-isde.org/news/790