Our Mission

To benefit society by promoting the development and realization of Digital Earth


The International Society for Digital Earth (ISDE) is a non-governmental organization to disseminate the vision of Digital Earth and the mission of benefiting society by promoting the development and realization of Digital Earth. The International Society for Digital Earth - Young Scientist Innovation Network (ISDE-YSIN) aims to promote the development of crucial concepts and innovative technologies of the Digital Earth and contribute to the power of young scientists for earth observation, big earth data, the Sustainable Development and other significant scientific programs. The overall goal is to focus on serving innovation and development in the field of Digital Earth, unite young scientists and support their academic innovation, as well as organize international academic events with young scientist involvement.


The Mission of ISDE-YSIN

(1)  Develop and maintain connections and joint efforts with other ISDE groups as well as other related remote sensing, GIScience, big Earth data and geographic academic organizations.

(2)  Organize special sessions and workshops in ISDE conferences as well as other GIScience or geography conferences, in accordance with the research agenda.

(3)  Develop ISDE education and empower young scientists to broaden their innovative thoughts.

(4)  Establish the ISDE Young Scientist Awards to honor young scholars who have made outstanding contributions to the field of Digital Earth and to encourage young talents to pursue Digital Earth research.



Candidates for committee members are required to have a doctoral degree.

Candidates for committee members are required to take an active role in the many events planned and coordinated by ISDE.



Participate in the operation of the ISDE-YSIN, including the selection of regional representatives of the YSIN.

Participate in the various ISDE-YSIN award selections

The right to run for the Chair, Vice Chairs and Secretary General.



Develop members in the region.

Organize the activities of ISDE-YSIN in the region.

Promote ISDE in the member's network.


The concept of ISDE-YSIN is open to everyone in a non-exclusive manner; cultural diversity, gender equality, and a good balanced worldwide representation is encouraged. Any person wishing to join the Network shall submit an application form and a CV to the ISDE-YSIN Secretariat (ISDE_YSIN@163.com) with copy to the ISDE Secretariat (membership@radi.ac.cn). Please find the ISDE-YSIN Application Form below.

ISDE-YSIN Application Form.docx