Our Mission

To benefit society by promoting the development and realization of Digital Earth

Organizational Structure

The structure of DSRA will be with two co-chairs. These co-chairs will:


· Work out the annual plan for Digital Silk Road Alliance;


· Assist in the identification of countries that shall become members of the Alliance.


· In such countries, assist in the identification of research institutions that shall become members of the Alliance.


· When necessary, establish temporary scientific working groups to advice about the operation of the Alliance.


· Suggest the organization of special research meetings to discuss a Digital Earth theme relevant for the geographical region.


· Assist in the identification of scientific experts that can come to such scientific meetings to make a keynote, assist with training, talk about the activities of their institutions, etc.


· Liaise with ISDE Governing Bodies as much as possible and coordinate all activities of the Alliance fully on-line with ISDE goals, objectives and strategy.


· Report back on activities implemented to the ISDE Governing Bodies.


A secretariat for Digital Silk Road Alliance will be set up under the ISDE Secretariat and will serve the Co-Chairs.