Free download paper in the IJDE

In volume 5, Issue 5, 2012 of the International Journal of Digital Earth, Dr. John R. Townshend, professor and dean of Department of Geographical Sciences at Maryland University, published an science paper entitle “Global characterization and monitoring of forest cover using Landsat data: opportunities and challenges”. The paper now gets one month free download at until 30th, November, 2012.

John considered “ The compilation of global Landsat data-sets and the ever-lowering costs of computing now make it feasible to monitor the Earth's land cover at Landsat resolutions of 30 m. ”In this article, he described the methods to create global products of forest cover and cover change at Landsat resolutions. And he proposed various ways in overcoming challenges in terms of atmospheric correction, incorrect calibration coefficients in some of the data-sets, the different phenologies between compilations, the need for terrain correction, the lack of consistent reference data for training and accuracy assessment, and the need for highly automated characterization and change detection. A global working prototype product of forest cover and forest cover change was included.

Dr. Townshend earned his BSc (1967) and PhD (1971) in geography from University College London. Dr. Townshend has held academic positions at the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, the University of Reading, UK and Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. He also held a senior National Academy of Sciences fellowship at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. He has held affiliate positions at the University of Maryland’s Institute for Advanced Computing Studies and the Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center. Check more