NASA World Wind Europa Challenge

The NASA World Wind Europe Challenge, organized by the NASA Ames Research Center, the Politecnico di Milano Polo Territoriale di Como and the Hungarian Association for Geo-information (HUNAGI), will inspire and challenge Europe's best and brightest to provide highly visible and measureable value to the European community. And do this in ways that serve local, regional, national or international interests while also advancing the career opportunities for those who accept the challenge. Winners will be part of the plenary awards session at the 2013 INSPIRE Conference in Firenze this June.

How to win? You build a great application that serves the INSPIRE Directive and uses NASA's open source virtual globe technology, World Wind. To do this you must first establish a team of three to five students, from a single university, with any mix of undergraduate, graduate and PhD students. Each team must have a mentor. The mentor can be a professor, an associate or assistant professor, or an official lecturer at the same university as the team. Then together decide on, design and build your spatial data application in a way that serves local, regional, national or international interests and addresses the INSPIRE Directive.

Which spatial data application is best? Any virtual globe application (based on World Wind) that serves the European community (the heart of INSPIRE) should qualify. The exact purpose may be one of your own design or be one similar to proposed project designs. Ideally it will be one of value to your community. For more information, see the Guidance topic.

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