ISDE unveiled SAR conference in China

The Chinese National Committee of the ISDE (CNISDE) hosted the Conference on Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar for Earth Observation (ADSAR 2014) in Beijing, themed ” SAR Technology Supporting the Future Earth ”. Over 300 SAR experts, graduate students and enterprise representatives from some 60 organizations attended the conference. The ISDE held an exhibition for introducing the Digital Earth vision and activities to people who are carrying out this new research area SAR, together with other more than 20 exhibitors.

During the three-day event, participants exchanged opinions on the theories and models of radar Earth observation, SAR systems, radar imaging and processing technologies, and the application of radar Earth observation. Discussions involved the application of airborne and satellite SAR systems, SAR system simulation, scattering features of ground targets, SAR imaging algorithm, polarization and compact polarization, and bi-static & multi-static SAR in global changes, land resources, natural disasters, environment, agriculture, forestry, geology, mining, urban management, and remote-sensing archaeology.

ADSAR 2014 is the 2nd of this SAR conference series hosted by the CNISDE, and jointly organized by the Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, the State Key Laboratory of Digital Earth Science, the State Key Laboratory of Remote Sensing Science, and CNISDE Microwave Remote Sensing Committee, and co-sponsored by the other 20 universities and organizations in China.

ISDE Exhibition Booth