Call for ISDE Video Competition


Submission deadline extension to 31 Jan 2017


Call from the International Society for Digital Earth (ISDE)

2nd ISDE Video Competition for Young people

3-6 April, 2017

" Digital Transformation - Our Future "


The ISDE Video competition is organized by the International Society for Digital Earth. Previously a first video competition was organized in 2015 and the winner ( was announced in Halifax, Canada, during the 9th ISDE Symposium. Starting on October 2016 ISDE is now launching a second video competition, calling therefore all the young researchers to apply. ISDE will announce the winner in 3-6 April, 2017, at Sydney, Australia, during the 10th ISDE Symposium.



Through this video competition, ISDE aims to create awareness among the young people about the vision and objectives of the International Society for Digital Earth. Using the fabulous creative of the young people ISDE wants to illustrate the objectives of ISDE through the vision of the young generation. We hope that this will be a starting point so that young researchers enter into the multiple fields of Digital Earth and jointly assist us in making Digital Earth a reality.


ISDE will award the winner at April 2017 during ISDE Sydney Symposium.


The 3 min video should present the author’s CV (30 sec.) and her/his the goals and objectives of the International Society for Digital Earth can be used in order to encourage a societal transformation towards (sustainability, resilience to natural disasters, etc.).

  • The main author must be less than 35-years old
  • The video must be ready in such a way that all videos are ready to be shown in April 2017 for 10th ISDE Symposium in Sydney, Australia;
  • The general title of 2017 ISDE Video Competition is "Digital Transformation Our Future";
  •  The Video must be sent to ISDE Secretariat to the following e-mail:;
  • If the proposed video includes text, music, images or video-parts from any other sources, the author must ensure that all this material can be used without violating existing copyrights;
  • Applicant/s may only send one entry, and such a single entry cannot be further edited once it has been sent to ISDE.


  • 2016, October, Official Call for the second ISDE Video Competition
  • 2017, January, 31st Submission Deadline for Videos
  • 2017, February, 15th - Deadline for Community Voting, Finalists Announced
  • 2017, April -  10th ISDE Symposium in Sydney, Australia – video presentation and Award annoncement


  • The Winner will be promoted during the 10th ISDE Symposium in Sydney, Australia and the video will be uploaded to the official ISDE Channels.
  • The author will be awarded by air travel fees to Sydney.


  • Videos will be judged in two aspects:
    • The video that has the best DE promotion.
    • The video, based on development of research and modern technologies in the DE field.
  • The ISDE community will vote for their 3 favorites between January 15th and February, 15th, 2017.
  • The Jury (1 chair and 5 members approved by the ISDE council) will take the Top 3 Finalists as determined by the community vote, and chose 1 most popular Winner.


Prof. Temneoujka Bandrova,
Chair of the ISDE Young Scientist Committee -  

Mr. Jiang Hao,
ISDE Secretariat -