Digital Earth Outreach in Russia

There were two major DE-related events in Russia in October, 2017: 1) IX International Symposium “Reflexive Processes and Governance” (October, 16-17), and 2) I International conference “Visual Analytics” (October, 17).

IX International Symposium “Reflexive Processes and Governance was held in Institute of Philosophy of Russian Academy of Science (RAS). Symposium gathers relatively small (near 50-70 participants), but influential interdisciplinary outreach community – famous scientists of different disciplines, governmental and industry experts, advisors, etc. Forum works in think-provoking, brainstorming manner with intensive discussions.

Brief report on Digital Earth concept, its philosophical origins and semiotics issues was presented October, 16 by Neogeography Group in round table “From situational centers towards centers of development” moderated by prof. Vladimir Lepsky, prof. Alexander Raikov and prof. Alexander Zatsarinny. Report itself and Digital Earth aspects, especially in the context of ‘Digital Turn’ in Russian economy, were extensively discussed.

I International conference “Visual Analytics was held October, 17 in National Research Nuclear University MEPhI. Community of participants was small (near 20 persons, half of them abroad), some reports were provided remotely by video conference. Report about Digital Earth/Neogeography as specific mode of visualization was presented.  

MEPhI is one of the biggest and most serious centers of scientific visualization in Russia. MEPhI also published most relevant in Russia “Scientific Visualization” journal (Scopus CiteScore2016=0,31), therefore growth of popularity of this conference could be assumed.

DE-related events in Russia planned for November, 2017

1) International Space Summit in Cyprus, November, 7-11 (finished yet – Russian report).

2) Conference “From Maps of the Past towards Maps of the Future”, Perm, Russia, November, 28 – December, 1.

Launches of Russian remote sensing satellites planned for November, 2017

On November, 28 launch of launcher Soyuz-2.1b with Fregat buster is planned from new Russian Vostochny space center. Launcher will insert on orbit meteorological satellite Meteor-M 2.1 (third in constellation) and 18 small satellites.

Provider: ISDE council member Eugene Eremchenko.