A Spatial Edge Master Class: Pivotal 2015

“Science and technology connecting government with citizens, businesses and education to meet a changing future”

Pivotal 2015, a Spatial Edge Master Class “Resilient and Rapid Response”, aims at learning how best to address national grand challenges, is to be held in Brisbane Australia on 29 June-10 July, 2015.

Globally we face many complex, unprecedented and interrelated challenges. We require new decision making tools and strategies to understand these emerging challenges and develop sophisticated, sustainable solutions. Each country will need to develop appropriate and future orientated solutions at a level of scientific sophistication necessary to survive and thrive. Each country will need to harness geo-spatial information technology for excellence in business and governance.

This intensive two-week Master Class (including a one-day Executive Summit) will be attended by international political and business leaders and spatial information experts. Delegates will come together to learn and share how to apply best methods and appropriate technology for spatial analytics and visualisation of complex information and big data to cutting-edge decision making processes within contemporary problems and scenarios.

At Pivotal 2015, delegates will:

  • Engage with leading world experts in the rapidly growing field of spatial analytics to consider country specific real world problems;
  • Develop capacity in harnessing spatial information and visualisation technologies to address complex problems and make better decisions;
  • Network and establish relations with other leaders, and maintain a community of emerging young leaders through the Technical Social Network (TSNet).


Email: pivotal2015@qut.edu.au

Website: www.Pivotal2015.org

Tel: Pivotal 2015 Project Office (+61 (0)7 3138 0465)