Our Mission

To benefit society by promoting the development and realization of Digital Earth

Chinese National Committee of the International Society for Digital Earth

Chair: Prof. Huadong GUO (International Research Center of Big Data on Sustainable Development Goals)


About the Chinese National Committee of International Society for Digital Earth (CNISDE)

The CNISDE was established in 2006 and approved at the first ISDE council meeting. CNISDE’s aim is to organize the Digital Earth community in China to exchange ideas and research results on Digital Earth theory, technology and applications through holding academic meetings and conferences on Digital Earth and attending the ISDE Symposia and summits.


CNISDE has its own council and secretariat. Under the CNISDE, there are 13 sub-committees, listed as: optical earth observation sub-committee, microwave earth observation sub-committee, laser radar earth observation sub-committee, digital disaster reduction sub-committee, digital heritage sub-committee, digital agriculture sub-committee, digital mountain sub-committee, virtual geography sub-committee, spatial information industry sub-committee, digital energy sub-committee, digital ocean sub-committee, digital polar area sub-committee, spatial big data sub-committee. Some of the sub-committees organize their academic conferences/workshops in its specific research fields every year.


Sponsored by ISDE, CNISDE hosts the China Digital Earth Conference every two years. The conference is a national event and the first event was launched in 2019 in Beijing, China.



Prof. Jiantao BI

Email: bijt@radi.ac.cn