Statute 11 - Amendments to Statutes and By-Laws

a)    Only the EC has authority to amend the Statutes and By-Laws.

b)    The Statutes may be amended under the following conditions:

  • An amendment may be formulated in writing by a Member and addressed to the Secretary-General not less than eight months prior to the date of the next EC meeting at which it is to be considered. Such an amendment must be supported by at least one other EC Member.
  • Amendments may also be formulated by the EC or a Committee appointed by the EC.
  • The Secretary General shall inform all Members of proposed amendments at least six months prior to the date fixed for the meeting of the EC at which they are to be considered. 

c)    The By-Laws may be amended under the following conditions: 

  • At least 48 hours notice must be given to Members prior to discussing amendments at a Meeting of the EC.
  • Amendments may be passed by a simple majority vote of the EC members.
  • No By-Law that contravenes any Statute shall be valid.