Dr. Veronica Mwikali Kiluva

Dr. Veronica Mwikali Kiluva is an accredited Life Member of ISDE.
Her research interests include Water Resources Engineering, GIS and Remote Sensing, Climate Change and etc.She is a participant of the 2nd International Training Workshop on Space Technology for Disaster Mitigation.

Remarks from Dr. Veronica Mwikali Kiluva: I am very grateful to the International Society f or Digital Earth (ISDE) for the great effort that they are putting in to promote academic exchange, science and technology innovation, education and international collaboration towards Digital Earth. This mighty gesture will enable the world to be more informed in all aspects of disaster mitigation and adaptation. It is my great interest and pleasure to join this International Society where I will get the opportunity to actively participate in all events and international programs organized by ISDE with other research institutions or organizations and also share my research findings in the International Journal of Digital Earth.
Long Live the ISDE!

Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology, Kenya