A Digital Earth session in the CODATA 23

Digital Earth in Data Intensive era, a session organized by the International Society for Digital Earth (ISDE) in the 23rd International CODATA Conference, has outline the ISDE need to consider how to develop a knowledge-based platform for bringing scientific data to researchers.

Started by the concept of ‘Digital Earth’ and ISDE activities, the session had scientific reports talking on international projects in terms of ICSU’s Future Earth, NASA’s NEX initiative and UN INSPIRE initiative, and advanced technologies, for instance, earth observation, cloud computing and social media. “The technology is evolving, and ISDE is adapting accordingly, from requesting to have everything at the computer desk, to now accessing everything you need through smart-phone or social media”, co-chair of the session Dr. Wang Changlin mentioned.

It was generally believed that, the ISDE need to adapt to technology developing. The ISDE should facilitate scientists` joining efforts in order to convert data into knowledge and to create a web based platform that brings all this knowledge to decision makers and the society in general for an improved understanding of our planet, a scientific sound based management of our natural resources and an improved well being of the Earth.