Digital Earth attracts Chinese RS experts

Over 700 experts and students of remote sensing visit the 19th Conference on Remote Sensing of China in Xi`an, where the International Society for Digital Earth (ISDE) hold an exhibition booth for introducing Digital Earth and the society, during 21 to 23, September.

Remote sensing technology provides a solid basis for Digital Earth data and information to develop further researches. China has a tremendous involvement in remote sensing science, a large majority of people from research institutes and universities are working on satellite image processing, algorithms design and earth information analysis from optical and microwave earth observation data. The ISDE has been working closely with experts on remote sensing from China and from the world.

It is a valued opportunity to raise the profile of the ISDE to the Chinese remote sensing audience, in terms of Digital Earth vision, International symposium on Digital Earth, Digital Earth Summit, International Journal of Digital Earth and Digital Earth development roadmap. Through these types of initiatives, the ISDE secretariat aims to promote Digital Earth and to attract more experts from China into Digital Earth researches of fundamentals, technologies and applications.

One of the co-organizers of this conference is the China National Committee for ISDE (CNISDE), which is a national member of the society and plays pivotal roles in promoting and encouraging participation into the Digital Earth vision locally.

Opening Ceremony


ISDE Exhibition Booth