EOBAR-a symposium for One Belt and One Road

The International Symposium on Earth Observation for One Belt and One Road (EOBAR) will be held in Beijing on 16-17 May 2016. Co-hosted by the Division of Earth Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), together with related ministries, commissions, and international organizations, the conference will provide an international platform for scientists who are engaged in "One Belt One Road” research and the applications of space-based Earth observation technology.

The “Silk Road Economic Belt” links the Asia-Pacific economic circle in the east and the well-developed European economic circle in the west, whilst the “Maritime Silk Road” links the major port cities in China and Southeast Asian countries, making OBOR a smooth, safe and highly efficient transport corridor with the most potential for development all over the world. Now, OBOR has become China’s most important milestone and international cooperation framework, with wide coverage in both scope of cooperation and geographic areas. In addition, it will lead to long-term development.

The OBOR initiative covers a vast area and involves many countries and a large population, facing numerous problems related to sustainable development that need to be addressed by nations and stakeholders through close cooperation. Space-based Earth observation technology, with its synoptic view and rapid, accurate, objective data acquisition, is an effective means for environmental observation, and it can provide OBOR countries with important tools to conduct dynamic regional analyses of the ecological environment and development potential of these countries.

With a focus on spatial cognition along the OBOR, the conference will invite experts, scholars and managers from both home and abroad to exchange ideas on the progress and achievements of OBOR using Earth observation technologies. Topics will include spatial information infrastructure and capacity building, natural and cultural heritage site protection, space technologies for disaster mitigation, sharing platforms, resources, and the ecological environment. These discussions will develop follow-up work and potential cooperation activities for OBOR in the field of Earth observation.

Symposium Website: http://www.eo-bar.ac.cn