ISDE President Alessandro Annoni and Councillor Hiromichi Fukui will Receive Geospatial World Awards

The President of the International Society for Digital Earth (ISDE), Dr. Alessandro Annoni will be bestowed the Lifetime Achievement Award during the Geospatial World Forum (GWF) on 6 October 2020 for “playing a pivotal role in the development and proliferation of spatial sciences in Europe for over 2 decades; creating major impact on information technology applications to the management of geospatial data, promoting their openness and value”.

The Chubu University from Japan will be bestowed the Academic & Research Institution of the Year for “serving as a collaborative lab and communication platform to promote Digital Earth research in Japan and beyond”. Prof. Hiromichi Fukui, one of the ISDE Councilors and the director of the International Digital Earth Applied Science Research Center (IDEAS) of Chubu University contributes to this recognition.

“Initiated in 2007, Geospatial World Awards are an internationally-acclaimed premium awards recognizing individuals and organizations behind remarkable innovations and ideas in the global geospatial industry. 

As the geospatial industry undergoes a drastic process of transformation, disrupting established business models, creating new business processes and influencing economies across the world, there are some individuals and organizations whose enthusiasm and innovative thinking in their area of expertise have brought dramatic advancements in technologies, driving our industry towards the future.

Geospatial World Leadership Awards acknowledge such champions. These are the individuals and organizations behind remarkable innovations and ideas, who are constantly experimenting and breaking barriers, who are always looking for new solutions to address critical challenges, and in the process create a huge impact on the society. Geospatial World Leadership Awards are drawn from various categories to recognize the undisputed leader of the year in selective fields. These are the champions who are making a difference in our industry as well as our lives.”

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