Mario Hernandez engaged in the Future Earth

Dr. Mario Hernandez, a council member of the International Society for Digital Earth (ISDE), was nominated as a member of the Future Earth Engagement Committee who will work to provide leadership and strategic guidance on involving stakeholders throughout the entire Future Earth research process from co-design to dissemination. The Future Earth Engagement Committee is a strategic advisory group, comprising thought-leaders from stakeholder groups including business, policy and civil society. Working together with the Future Earth Science Committee and the Secretariat, its primary purpose is to foster in-depth and innovative interactions between science and society. The Engagement Committee provides leadership and creative thinking on how to bridge the gap between knowledge and solutions for sustainable development.

Dr. Mario Hernandez has a mathematical background, and his research career is dedicated to applied satellite remote sensing and geo-sciences. He has worked at IBM Scientific Centres in Mexico and Paris, and joined the United Nations Environment Programme to work on assisting developing countries to use space technologies to assess their environment. He worked with UNESCO to establish a network of space partners to assist developing countries in illustrating the effects of development to the environment; promoting the interdisciplinary involvement of technicians, scientists, decision makers, teachers and schoolchildren; using space data to derive easy-to-understand information for decision makers; and strengthening national capacities in developing countries to better understand and take advantage of the benefits that space technologies provide to better monitor, manage and preserve our resources and heritage.

Future Earth, a new 10-year international research initiative by International Council for Science, is developing the knowledge for responding effectively to the risks and opportunities of global environmental change and for supporting transformation towards global sustainability in the coming decades. Future Earth will mobilize thousands of scientists while strengthening partnerships with policy-makers and other stakeholders to provide sustainability options and solutions in the wake of Rio+20.

Source: Future Earth Engagement Committee announced