Industry, Innovation and Science_CRCSI

At the CRCSI Annual Conference Dr Peter Woodgate set the scene across the Commonwealth Government's Innovation Agenda, highlighted the CRCSI's accountability to Government and looked towards the future:

  • The scene for 2016 and Minister Christopher Pyne's Innovation Agenda
  • Two CRC Programme reviews and how the CRCSI responded
  • Commonwealth Growth Centres and opportunities for the CRCSI
  • The outlook for global spatial science and technology and the common thread being the need for high quality, reliable, coordinate positioning, supported by spatially enabled data infrastructures and smart spatial analytics.

Peter spoke about the next 12 months and what we will see:

  • Stronger push from Government to align the research sector with the private sector through Government policy and incentives (including R&D tax concessions and grant programs)
  • Increased encouragement from the Commonwealth Government to have us involved in Industry Growth Centres, with a strong voice from 43pl
  • The Commonwealth has just started a review of space activities. The Review is being driven by accelerating growth in space technologies, falling costs in accessing space, new commercial opportunities and our obligations under five United Nations space treaties
  • A deeper engagement between New Zealand and Australia – in December New Zealand will launch a ‘Geospatial R&D Priorities and Opportunities’ statement that will guide New Zealand planning and investment. This will also influence the thinking of the CRCSI.

Beyond CRC Programme funding in 2018, under the guidance of our three Colleges and Governing Board, Peter spoke of the progress in planning for "CRCSI-3" and the 2016 timing of a detailed research plan and governance model for the consideration of future partners.