Manual of Digital Earth

Manual of Digital Earth

Published by International Society for Digital Earth



Huadong Guo (Chinese Academy of Sciences,China)

Michael Goodchild (University of California, Santa Barbara,USA)

Alessandro Annoni (Joint Research Center,EU)



Since the concept of Digital Earth was put forth in 1998, the development of Digital Earth has thrived and laid out a panoramic scenario for its growth. Established in 2006, the International Society for Digital Earth has been devoted to promoting academic exchange, science and technology innovation, education, and international collaboration towards Digital Earth. Digital Earth expanded quite rapidly over the next twenty years. Reviewing the first generation of Digital Earth described in Gore’s vision, we can see that the key technologies have already been realized. Now the discussion on the next-generation of Digital Earth involves neogeography, citizen science, and big data, as Digital Earth has come into a new stage of “Big Earth Data”. It is worth reviewing the development of Digital Earth theory, technologies, and applications as we look forward into the future in many areas.


About this Book

Within this context, the International Society for Digital Earth has proposed to publish a book, the Manual of Digital Earth, aiming to summarize the current achievements of Digital Earth and look forward to its future development. The Manual of Digital Earth includes 5 parts with 31 chapters, covering most of Digital Earth related research fields.


The book has been announced worldwide, and received input from many contributors. Interested authors are encouraged to contribute to the book.


Click here for the whole Outline of the Manual of Digital Earth.