Statute 3 - Activities

To achieve its aims, the Society shall endeavor to:

  • facilitate excellence in research and the development and use of appropriate technologies in the Digital Earth domain;
  • initiate and coordinate research in the fields of the Digital Earth sciences by establishing Technical Commissions and Working Groups;
  • convene International Symposia, Summits, and other meetings, with lectures, communications, discussions and, as appropriate, tutorials, exhibitions, technical visits and social events; 
  • ensure wide international circulation of research results and records of discussions through the publication of the International Journal of Digital Earth, Newsletters, proceedings of Symposia, Summits and other communications relevant to the interests of the Society and the community at large; 
  • stimulate the formation of national and regional Societies of Digital Earth and promote exchanges between such Societies; 
  • encourage interaction of the Society and its members with the community at large;
  • encourage recognition and administer awards to honor the achievements of individuals or groups;
  • represent the Digital Earth community in relevant international forums;
  • promote and facilitate education, training and technology transfer of all fields related to Digital Earth sciences;
  • promote other appropriate actions to enhance the Society's mission.